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Celogics Suit

To become the go-to manufacturer for iPSC-derived cells for any type of application, Celogics strives to meet all the demands of our users.
We understand the struggles that researchers face in obtaining specialized cells just right for their use. Through our expertise in differentiation and quality control techniques, we provide our users with customized cell products that fits perfectly to the research purposes. From customized cardiomyocytes to neurons and hepatocytes, with protocols available, we can manufacture any cell types you need. Choose Celogics Suit to save your time and effort and focus on what really matters in your research.

Customized cells

How it works

Celogics has designed a unique process to meet all the needs of our users.

Our custom differentiation and manufacturing services can be simplified into 3 discrete steps. Each step shares a common goal to help our users better understand how their projects will be handled with us.

iPSCs are restored and banked in the most optimal conditions, then our expertise in reproducing and optimizing differentiation protocols comes into play. By standardizing any given protocol for mass production, our users have a secure and consistent product line just for your research.

Because each project is a valuable asset to the user, we always maintain transparency in our work by providing Project ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) for our customers to monitor how their cells are handled and manufactured at all times.

iPSC Banking

iPSC restoration
& banking

Get your iPSCs ready for differentiation and
bank up to 2+ years

Phase 1


Protocol testing

& QC set-up

Test your protocol


Leave it to us

Phase 2


Customized cell


Quality is assured

Track your project

on ELN

Phase 3

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