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Celo.Cardiomyocytes are a highly pure and electrophysiologically active population of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, a product suitable for all types of applications.

2a2v DAPI_20ms_Celo.Cardiomyocytes

It's all about
 Quality  Cardiomyocytes 

Celo.Cardiomyocytes are suitable for all types of applications, including your next experiment. Our cells are derived from induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) under serum free conditions using proprietary protocols which optimize the user experience by prioritizing purity, reproducibility, and electrophysiology. With its serum free media kit, Celo.Cardiomyocytes would show the best possible result under 2D, 3D, and organoid cultures. We strive to provide fully functional human cardiomyocytes. 

Quality Cells

- ISO 9001-certified Quality Control

-Validated extensively in peer-reviewed journals and application notes.

-Electrophysiology-focused product development

Quality Research

- Consistent Results (low variability)

-High Sensitivity to electrophysiological changes from drug treatment.

-Serum-free media prevents unwanted interactions & increases biological relevance

Celo.Cardiomyocytes 5M vial

Cell Only

One vial of




  • Celo.Cardiomyocytes (5x10^6 cells)

Standing Media concept_3x_0_edited_edite

Media Only

Extra bottle for your plated Celo.Cardiomyocytes




  • Advanced Media (200mL)

  • Maintenance Supplement

+ $30 to add Plating Media and Plating Supplement

(Full media kit)

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Comprehensive Set

For your next iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes research



  • Celo.Cardiomyocytes (5x10^6 cells)

  • Advanced Media(200mL)

  • Maintenance Supplement

  • Plating Media (45mL)

  • Plating Supplement

* We recommend using Celo.Cardiomyocytes with our specifically validated media for the best possible results.

Data Figures

Validated Quality

Celo.Cardiomyocytes have been validated on multiple platforms (Curi Bio Mantaray, Axion Maestro, Nanion Cardioexcyte96, ACEA CardioECR, etc). The quality control process is central in ensuring both accurate and consistent results for our users.

Celo.Cardiomyocytes morphology

12-well culture plates
The above images were taken from a 12-well culture plate on days 1~14 post-thawing (magnification 100x). Celo.Cardiomyocytes were seeded following the Celo.Cardiomyocytes User Guide at a plating density of 150,000 cells/㎠.

Celo.Cardiomyocytes recover quickly upon thawing to start spontaneous beating 2 days later and stabilize over time (45~60 bpm on DIV7). The Celo.Cardiomyocytes readily form a single synchronous monolayer which enhances both reproducibility and accuracy of assays.​


48-well culture plate
Axion Maestro 48 well MEA plate DIV1.jpg


Axion Maestro 48 well MEA plate DIV3.jpg


Axion Maestro 48 well MEA plate DIV5.jpg


Axion Maestro 48 well MEA plate DIV7.jpg
Axion Maestro 48 well MEA plate DIV11.jpg
Axion Maestro 48 well MEA plate DIV14.jpg


DIV 11

DIV 14

The above images were taken from a 48well Axion Citoview MEA plate 1~14 days post-thawing (magnification 100x). Please note that the Celo.Cardiomyocytes were seeded following the Celo.Cardiomyocytes Maestro Application Protocol.

Celo.Cardiomyocytes express
Ventricular cardiomyocyte-specific markers

30,000 cells were seeded on Matrigel on a 9 mm coverslip and cultured for 7 days before fixation. Immunocytochemistry was performed by incubating primary antibodies at the concentrations recommended by the respective suppliers at RT for 1 hour.

Celo.Cardiomyocytes express typical ventricular cardiomyocyte markers and structural characteristics which are indicative of the appropriate contractile functionality of these cells. In particular, the Celo.Cardiomyocytes demonstrate high expression of Connexin 43, a gap junction protein, which suggests high interconnectivity and synchronicity.

Fluorescence staining

Celo.Cardiomyocytes demonstrates
Human cardiomyocyte-like electrophysiology

Patch Clamp (Nanion Patchliner)
patch clamp.jpg

Celo.Cardiomyocytes demonstrated a high success rate and low variability in the sodium currents (INa). It was possible to measure a dose-dependent block of sodium currents by TTX (A) and effects specific to INa, Late by ATX-II (enhancer), and Ranolazine (blocker) were also easily observable. Finally, calcium channel activation by BayK and inhibition by Nifedipine could also be detected in changes of the APD90. These results demonstrate that the Celo.Cardiomyocytes express the correct ion channels and can readily be used in pharmacology applications.

Dynamic Clamp (Nanion Patchliner Dynamite8)
dynamic clamp.jpg

Celo.Cardiomyocytes demonstrated great results in dynamic clamp experiments on the Nanion Patchliner with the Dynamite8 add-on. In A, it was possible to record adult-ventricular-like action potentials with the Celo.Cardiomyocytes at physiological temperature. In B & C, the effects of calcium channel activation (BayK) and inhibition (Nifedipine) could be assessed also in the presence of dynamic clamping.


Celo.Cardiomyocytes demonstrated low inter-well variability when tested on the Nanion CardioExcyte 96. High reproducibility of Impedance and EFP signals facilitated compound testing experiments (Nifedipine & Dofetilide). Concentrations were increased by consecutive treatments of 10% media changes and matched the expected results, validating the cardiomyocyte properties.


On Nanion’s FLEXcyte 96 which uses soft substrates to mature the cardiomyocytes, the Celo.Cardiomyocytes demonstrated high responsiveness to Isoproterenol and were able to detect positive inotropic effects after just 7 days of culture.

Axion Maestro (Spontaneous Baseline)
MEA baseline.png
Axion Maestro ( MEA drug response)