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Quality iPSC-derived Cell Products for Disease Modeling, Drug Discovery, and Drug Safety Screening

Human iPSC-derived cells are rapidly becoming a vital tool in the drug development industry for the discovery, preclinical efficacy testing, and safety profiling of new medicines.

 Celogics is committed to developing and producing highly reproducible iPSCs that help researchers and pharmaceutical companies accelerate the discovery and development of next-generation therapies.

Cardiomyocytes fluorescence image

Quality Support

for Quality Research

With our specific guide, the Celo.Cardiomyocytes will display appropriate densities to create synchronous layers of cardiomyocytes suitable for a variety of applications related to electrophysiological behavior assays. Users can utilize our resources for other human iPSC-derived products from Customized Cells as well.

We provide as much information as you need to successfully utilize our cells in your research. Visit our Product Literature page and FAQs to find answers to your questions.


Human iPSC-derived cells including Celo.Cardiomyocytes should be handled by technically qualified individuals complying with good laboratory practices, applicable laboratory regulations and the MSDS. Following the User Guide herein is recommended for best results.

Intended Purpose

Our cells including products manufactured via Customized Cells are for research use only, not intended for animal or human in vivo applications.

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