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Product Literature

Informative protocol with necessary handling techniques

Consistency is always the top priority in research. To ensure our users obtain the best possible results, we built our user guide with detailed technical guidelines. Each step has been studied and enhanced over the course of many years to maximize the consistency of the performance and minimize the variation between different researchers. We believe these techniques will help our users to minimize variation and achieve reproducibility.

Celo.Cardiomyocytes User Guide Cover

Basic handling guide for MEA users

Over the last few years, our parent company NEXEL focused on the electrophysiological performance of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. To maximize the performance of cardiomyocytes on electrodes, they must be plated in the right amount on the right spot.

This MEA User Guide contains their experience with handling techniques for our users to obtain the same performance and consistency we intended for each well, plate, and researcher. 

Celo.Cardiomyocytes MEA User Guide Cover

Certificate of Analysis

Transparent CoA with QC materials

As we believe that transparency is crucial in providing the best service we can, our CoA includes information from our Quality Control that most companies do not share with their customers. We provide details of our CoA and QC Material & Method. If you are having problems finding yours, please contact us.

Fill out the CoA request form and our technical support team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Celo.Cardiomyocytes CoA

Product Data Sheet

Mix-and-match for your need

Different products options should be available for different study purposes. Celogics offers different medium solutions to meet the needs of most study settings. Find out what would be the best match for your research by exploring our Product Data Sheets. This 1 page paer includes technical details of Celo.cardiomyocytes and its complimentary media, usage guidelines, and applications.

Product Data Sheet
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