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Quality Cells
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To become the go-to manufacturer

of iPSC-derived cells for all applications

ISO9001 Certified

Quality Control




iPSC-derived Cells

Next Generation

Cell Models

Located in the Greater Seattle Area,

Celogics develops high-quality human induced pluripotent stem cell products to advance drug discovery, safety screening, and therapeutics research.

What We Offer

Offering High-quality

iPSC-derived Cell Products

for Disease Modeling, Drug Discovery, and Drug Safety Screening

We aim to become the Next-generation cell manufacturer

Fluorescence image of Celo.Cardiomyocytes


Precisely designed functional iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes with human CM-like electrophysiology validated in multiple platforms.

From 2D cultures to 3D organoids, our Celo.CMs are developed to maintain their functionality and electrophysiology.

We aim to bring INNOVATION to current CDMO market

Customized Cells

Cell vials in a biohazard bag

Tired of bad diffs?

We have the SOLUTION!

Why Celogics?


Our human iPSC-derived cell products focus on providing validated data to make sure users are satisfied with their experience.


Good communication with our users is central in ensuring you get a reliable product and accelerate the diverse projects you are working on.


Celogics strives to make quality human cells that are not just great iPSC-derived cells but the best functional cells.


No compromises made when it comes to quality - Our comprehensive quality control processes are crucial to our business.

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