Our Mission

To make user-catered, quality iPSC-derived cells and provide the best user experience

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Our Vision is to improve the quality of human cell culture and research everywehere and become the go-to manufacturer of iPSC-derived cells for all applications. With Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical research still relying on research methods from the 20th century, the stage is set for next generation human cell models.

Celogics' aim is to make quality human cells that are not just great iPSC-derived cells but the best functional cells for the research subject. We will listen to what our users need and provide the high-quality cells they deserve.

Our initial product offering will be research-use-only iPSC-derived cell products, under our Celo.Cells brand. These cell products are used in drug discovery, drug safety screening and disease modeling. We are a newly formed company and are building out a 22,000 square feet facility - reach out and join us!

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